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Idat 205: Introduction

We have had our introduction with Hugo, I must say I am looking forward to this module, and  the acting part! As we are pretending to be a company, we can really put our imagination to this project.  I have always said how I want to actually learn skills on how to make a website look eye catching and well persented, and I this module is definitely going to help me gain these skills.

It will be the famous four working together on this project:   Kat



And myself

We are a very strong team with loads of ideas between us and I am very confident that will produce a very excellent high quality website, which will persuade any customer to use our service!

Now to this of what our product or service can be!


Idat 203:introduction to module

Well so far we have had the introduction lecture and seminar, where we learnt what the lectures would involve and be about, and in the seminar we went other the structure of how to write an essay and what should go in the introduction and what different types of arguments we could write about. This was very helpful, as it gives you the guide on how to write an good essay.

Idat 204: Introduction

Had our first session with Chris today, he was just going through the modules and how we are not spoon fed information this year like we was lst year, and how the briefs are going to be open and don’t really tell you what to do. For our first project with Chris we have to create an organism in an interactive media form.  It is pair work and I believe that it will be Kat and myself working together for this project.

As Chris is on training on Thursday we are having ten minute sessions on Monday to discuss any ideas we have came up with. now to get them thinking caps on.

Idat 201: The introduction

We had our first lecture today, where we were told the basics of the module and what is expected from us.  Katina Hazelden will present our lecture, where she will discuss the history of art, thee way people perceive things and how this has shifted the way design is being thought about.  They will also cover the core concepts of simulation and simulacra.    Katina, will also take our tutorials where we will discuss our ideas for our 90 second film and give us technical developing sessions.

The first two practical sessions will be used for teaching 3D Studio Max in 3 hour session, this will be taught with Vladimir Geroimenko.

To end the introduction lecture we were shown some expamels of last years work.  They all vaired and most of them used mix media and only sinpetts with thier 3d model.  I think with my end piece i would like to include my model alot more than what we sure today.

overall i am really excited about this module!!!

Idat 203: whats the load down

 [Critical Contexts – Digital Art| IDAT 203 | CREDITS: 20 | 100% Coursework]

So for this module we are going to have to write and essay which has a pretty open brief but the basic to it is to write about an artpiece or technique and how it has changed throughout the years.

In the second term we are doing more of an art critical way of learning. We will go off four five weeks and start to plan and prepare for our final project and then we will have to present our final projects in an half an hour presentation.

For this module we will have one lecture on a Monday and every two week we will have a two hour session in the dome of people talking to us about their own experiences. Also we will have seminars every other Tuesday.

Lets hope for a good module!

Idat 201: Trans-Spatial Design: The Load down

[Module Descriptor] CREDITS: 10 | 100% Coursework

This module provides students with an introduction to three-dimensional software applications and the design process as a whole from conception through development, to realisation. Supported by critical examination of cultural artefacts, the module demands students synthesise the design of a digital three-dimensional object with an understanding of its historical background.


Simulacrum (70%)

The simulacrum is an individually produced presentation that encapsulates a reinterpretation or innovatory development of an object. The presentation of the object should be in the form of a 90 second animation / video.

Through the lecture series you will develop an understanding of what ‘object’ may represent and your simulacrum will be the vessel in which you present it.Whatever your chosen object is, it’s design, soundtrack, visual presentation and physical packaging of your project should all be derived from the properties held within your object and its history.

Hand in deadline: Friday 30th November @ 2pm to the faculty Office

Idat 205: The Load Down

[Creative Industries| IDAT205 | MLA/MPT| CREDITS: 20 | 70% Coursework 30% Exam]

[Module Descriptor]

This module explores the dynamic changes that are sweeping through traditional media and communications industries, brought about by the impact of new technologies such as (digital interactive) terrestrial, cable, and satellite TV, the internet, tele-communications and computer networks. It explores, through group production projects, the practical issues underpinning the management of distributed organisations.


The brief will be delivered in detail during the Week 2 lecture on Monday 1 October.

Each group will present itself via a live website as an independent media company or digital arts agency/organisation. Whatever form it takes, each group must ‘sell’ its products or services by demonstrating its professionalism and excellence through superior web content and effective marketing, such that it will immediately attract and impress any potential client or visitor to the site. The information presented must be based as far as possible upon actuality, so that you are really demonstrating the combined skills of the members of your group.

You should research as many existing sites as possible, in order to find inspiration and guidance for your own site. You will be expected to reference these sources and any other books/journals/materials and incorporate them in a webography to accompany your site, with annotations explaining why you were drawn to these sites.

You should include the following elements on your website:

Original idea for company/agency/organisation
Description of same (mission statement)
Products/services offered
Profiles of individual members
Selection of best work (based on course projects) with annotation
Compelling images/sound/text
Content and form appropriate to such a company/agency/organisation


This will involve the group development in real time of a project (to be confirmed) for a local charity organisation based in the South West. Projects in recent years were for the Eden Project, Rame Conservation Trust and Surfers Against Sewage. The project brief will be delivered in the first two weeks of the spring term.


The individual examination is based on the lectures (including guest lectures from representatives of the media industry) covering key phases and changes in the media industry.