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Mapping Project(first thoughts)

The ideas we can up with were to hire some maps out and scan them, so we wouldn’t ruin them.  Then buy some acetate and create a trail in which the penny travels.  Kat came up with the idea of getting a small ball and painting it and rolling it on the acetate to show that a route of a penny it random.  Then to display this trail we were going to stick a penny trail other the acetate, to see was sort of images we could get.  For an extended project as well I was thinking of doing a satellite viewing of following the penny’s movement in a programme like Flash.

 We hired out a map of
Plymouth and a map of
Britain so we could do a smaller and then a larger scale map.

But when we discussed this idea with Mike he told us how he didn’t want it to be a random story of something and that it had to be a real map of something, but he did like the idea of the tracking idea that we had going on, so it was back to the drawing board.


Artifact(first thoughts)

huum, for this one i first wanted to do a painting by Kandinsky as he paints to art but i just couldn’t find any information on the artist and his technique, plus i had no clue what music he painted to and how i would get hold of the music piece.

Here is a few examples of his work:

So i changed my mind onto Lino Prints. I found this print done by Stanley Donwood, called St Pauls st-pauls.jpg but once i got researching into it i found out that the original prints were 12 feet long. So i was like i will do the smaller prints he did of them but then i read the technique of how they were done and it was just impossible for me to do:

“Each of the 14 sections were first proofed on a huge cast-iron printing press, an Albion made in 1860, scanned, and printed on to large aluminium/polymer composite panels, which in turn were caged with diamond-pattern wire, reminiscent of the Evening Standard headline-boards that infect the capital with their own dire predictions. Each of these panels are 75 cm wide x 140 cm high. ”

But because i had researched so much on Stanley himself i just had to do one of his pieces so i have now decided to artifact his Acrylic and blackboard paint on canvas piece named, Pacific coast

Pacific Coast

I just have to find out his technique and hope i can mange to do it as-well.