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Idat 307: The Idea that is sticking!

The idea I am going to take forward to been my project for 4D, is a motion tracking application that has been inspired my the photo style Lomography.

The idea is that depending on where the viewer is standing they will see a different layer of an image/perspective. The images within the piece will represent a narrative of one day. Their movement will get tracked by a motion tracker, built into Flash.

Hopefully it will be a great interacting piece that gives the viewer the feel they can control time, and go back and forth through it, whilst viewing photography.

You could say the viewer would be walking a “lomo time line”.

I have used web cam motion tracking before, with my games module, so I will take this and adapt it to how I want it to suit my project.


Idat 307: Photo films

Here is a film I have found, using stop motion animation but with already taken photographs:

i love how in this video they use the present space they are in to match with the scene of the photographs taken in the past.

Idat 307: Lomography

I have just discovered Lomography and the way you can experiment with places two different locations into one photograph and play about with photo movement, really smoothly. Most photos are know as “happy accidents”

I am hoping to complete my 4D project with the use of Lomography, I have just got to decide what content and how I will present my final piece. it would be good to your the negative film and as well as the photographs within the end piece.

Here are a few examples of Lomo photographs:

I will be using a Holga 120GN camera, and I had the added features of a flash with colour filters and a wide lens add on.