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Idat 202: Design Persentation

We did our presentation in front of the group and Katina today, to find a copy of it look in my workbook:

Aqeel discussed our research into what is already out there, and how our survey went. Then I went into my storyboards, and how the application can be used. I also showed the character of the rabbit in the hat that we created, so the user has something to relate to, as this is the character who will “technically” teach the user the trick. You can find these both again in my work book:

I felt our presentation went well. It was interesting to hear what everybody else is doing, I must say we are the only know “school” base application as everybody else is teaching Maths, or English, whereas ours is more of a hobby.


Idat 203: How did it go

Right just done it, went ok this they liked that I used alot of references and found simular work. But I dont think the idea of an nteractive film went down very well. I was more suggested to go back tothe beginning and do a simluar piece as my idat 204 audio. To find details on this go to:

Idat 202: Research

Aqeel has been looking into what is out there.  Vicky and I also look at the beginning of this project ourselves as-well and we have all said the same thing, which is how all that is out there is just text based explanations, not any visual pieces, the only visual pieces out there are when you actually take part of the trick as the person it is being down on.

To find the website Aqeel looked into please refer to my workbook:

you will also find a link to a video of Aqeel learning a trick off the Internet and he discuss how he feels and whether he learnt it well, very interesting!!!

Idat 203: First presentation

Right well its been awhile since I wrote abotu this module.  Well where to beginning. I have been really stuch for ideas to take forward for this and my presentation is tomorrow big fat ARRRRRRRGH!!!

i have been to all the presentation so far,  and most of the comments given were scrap that and start again.  So I am liek right this is goign to be intereesting.  I am going to look into intereactive narrative, and think about doing a simular piece to Idat 204 audio.  But this time maybe create a intereactive movie.

I have made my presentation, where I include references, of movies, novels, and songs that use narrative in a different light.  I have also looked into BBC signs for life

and BBC Wannabes

.  I am pleased with my presentation and I am feel confident about giving it, as I think I have a strong idea to take on and I have a good amount of references. Let you know how it goes tomorrow….

here is my presentation


Idat 202: Questionnaires

In today’s practical, we went through what sort of questions would we ash our target audience to do research into what they feel is the best way to learn what we want to teach them.

Aqeel, Vicky and I designed a questionnaire, that find out the users age, what type of education they are in( as we are asking children, they may be in Primary or Secondary School), if they know any card tricks, how they learnt it and if they would prefer to learn in another way. If the person we have asked has not done a card trick before we divert them to certain questions to still get an idea of how they would like to be tough a card trick.

We are going to conduct a survey to get a better idea of people want from an application like ours.

to find a copy of the questionnaire, look it up in my workbook:

Idat 202: proposal

The proposal was handed in, you can find a copy in the e-learning workbook:

We got our feed back today from Katina, she said it was OK, just maybe we could of talked about memory a little more. Next we need to think of design. We are all going to do some research. I am going to start think about layout and drawing a storyboard up, as I am the person who knows the trick we all felt that this was best for me to do.

Vicky is in charge of the filming and is going to start thinking about filming angels and the best software to use.

Whilst Aqeel is going to research what is already out there and look into action script that we could use to code our applications

idat 205: Ideas are growing

Hideout = name

Map at the beginning that is spilt up into regions and people can add thier potos to the trees in thier area

Toby the tree

Flash game

upload photo of dens thet have built

competion den of the week

php for modiation of photos Ollies job

advert video

facebook app

scrap book theme

very green

mini site three pages, flash game, display gallery, submit photos

aqeel draws map in caroon style

Im doing toby and scrap book style, layout and storyboard

look at jamie oliver at home stlye

video advert:

stop frame stlye

build a den

try and go to eden