Monthly Archives: October 2006

Brain Storming and Creative Writing

In the next practical we got the idea on how to brainstorm ideas out.  I have done this before but it was good to do one as a class and see the result that we came out with.  Also it made me remember how handy they would be for the future projects.


In Mikes lecture we learnt about creative writing which is just writing on a pen and paper without thinking about what your writing.  The whole people in the lecture done this and then a few of us were picked out to read what we put the outcomes were, funny and wierd.  Again this will help us with idea, but im guessing it will make more sence in future projects.


Product design

I have now moved into the DAT group as I felt this was the better course for myself.  Mike first showed us two Lucosade bottle and we talked about their design and how they would come across to the public.Taking this, for a mini project we had to create a design and slogan for a product and present how it would come across to the public.  Kat came up with the idea of mouthwash and how we could use a sex innuendo that only certain people would get.  The slogan was “spit or swallow” as with this mash wash you could either rinse it out your mouth or swallow it.  I have sketches of the bottle design with logo in my workbook.  The presentation went well everybody seemed to like the idea but I think we gave that background d details too soon and see if anybody came up with the idea of it being a sex innuendo.

Narrative Mapping Project

Whilst I was still in MPT, Vicky, Chris, Mat and I formed a grouped together to create a practise map project we decided to the journey of inside and out the doors of Burger King. We basically wrote down all what happened whilst we were in Burger King. We mapped out the journey through drawing as if it was like a comic book. By the time we had finished the map Vicky and I changed course to DAT, so we didn’t present it. But it was only practise for the mapping project later on it the year.