In my workbook i developed my ideas up with the use of spider diagrams and brain storms.  Also my sketch book includes sketches of my ideas and how i imagine them to look if they were to be taken forward to be made.

Here are photos from my workbook relating to my telematic build uptele.JPGThis shows, me thinking about what we haveto do for this assignment, with a brainstorm of what images get transfered form one place to another already.image-brain.JPGHere is a closer look at the brain storm that i did on pictures that get transferred and their method of movement already.

our-tele.JPGHere is a brianstorm what how maybe we can transfer an image from one place to another without the use of technology.

diplay-tele.JPGThis is based around our first idea and how it would look to the audience.  On the page next to it is the start of the building up an image with cubes idea.

cube-tele.JPGThis shows the idea of placing lights inside each cube.

net.JPGHere is a plan of a net for the cubes that we would create.

cube2-tele.JPGHere is an idea of what the reflection will  like on the wall.sectoins.JPGThis shows the start of thinking about having different section for each cube.

acetate.JPG in my workbook i used three different pages to represent the three cubes, i cut the different section on each page and stuck the acetate on the back of them to give of the look of the front of the three cubes when placed inside each other.

doll.JPG Finally this photo shows the detail that will will draw on the acetate to show the Russian doll.

Here are photos from workbook where i built up my mapping project:

first-brain-storm.JPGOn this photo you can see my first brainstorm for the mapping project as i map out what already gets mapped out. Im also talkin about how Mike does not want the end piece to be your average map.

we-can-map.JPG This is a brainstorm of ideas of what we can map out.

penny.JPGThis is a brian storm shows what english money we could follow and also the route that that pretiuclar penny could take.

display-penny.JPGThis is a brain storm of how we can display a map of the way a penny travels.

paint-ball.JPGThis shows the idea of using a ping pong ball to paint out a random trail of the penny.

final-penny.JPGThis shows the final details on how we would of displayed the map of a penny. But as you can see of the page next to the skectch that mike told us to re-think our idea.

new-ideas.JPGThis is where Kat and I thought of new ideas for the mapping project also i completed a to do list.

stage.JPGThis is when we started to think of the stage idea of the email.

map-results.JPGHere is a display of the results that i took down, also i was planning on maybe taking this idea forward as displaying the final map. Also i sketched out these two designs. One is based on a pin point display with a chain wrap around to show the path, and the other design is base on a spider diagram which extends out like braches.

Then finally this is the start of my idea of the Essex trail with the use of friber-optics

Here are photos from my workbook where i built up Artifact:

art-brain-storm.JPGThis shows the first stages of the artifact project and my brainstorm of artist techniques.

Here are sketches of the possible projects i was going to take forward along with the baby love i did take forward

Here are photos from my workbook where i built up the Interstices project:

int-1.JPGHere is my first brainstorm on this project thinking about what invention are out there that already effect society.

int-2.JPGThis was followed by a brainstorm of invention that we can pretend to create and take forward for this project.

int-3.JPGNext i started to design out the way i would like the newspaper to look like. This is a sketch of the front cover.

int.JPG This is a design sketch on the page 4 and 5 of the newspaper that i will take forward.


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