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Man with the movie camera

Sarah recommended that we watch this film to get a good idea as into what we are meant to do.

Here is a clip of the film, that i found off of you-tube:

I actually liked this piece and it has gave me alot of ideas for our own project such as the random effects that are some of the scenes, for example:

  • slow motion
  • Fast motion
  • Dutch angels
  • Close ups
  • playing backwards
  • freeze frames
  • double exposure

Also the way in which the piece has been cropped so that the subject of the clip in mainly all you can see on the clip with hardly any surrounding.

I also thought the music was pretty cool!! Big thumbs up all round then. If you watch it hope you enjoy it too!!


Soft Cinema

okies well now lets talk about idat 104. We have already done a presentation worth 10% of the final mark and written an essay worth 50% of the final mark. Now we are to create a piece of film that doesn’t have a narrative and it generated in a random order.

We have been given a DVD that has clips from the Plymouth television archive the clips links with the subject of space. we have o take these clips place them in a database and create movie piece that does not have a story to follow if you want to say that.

It is work in groups of four and my group once again is the cool kids : Vicky, Kat and Ollie.

We have meet up for tutorial and thought on how abouts we could do this. We have had the idea that will will link the clips with the theme of emotions, we will watch the DVD and give each scene a certain emotion that we get from that clip. As-well as using the space clips to use old fashion black and white movie clips, to protray that as-well as science and technology happening in the world has the same emotion as peoples every day lives.

Another factor we want for our movie is that all the screens are in black and white so that the viewer is concentrating more on whats is going on in the film rather then their eyes being focus on different colours in each scene. Another reason for the black and white idea is that you don’t really expect this such of movie clip form a coloured film and you feel that it is like a modern day film with a story and narration to follow, plus it ties in with the art photography.

We will beign using a database in access to store the films and Visual Basic to generate the random numbers to place the clips in a new random order. which will link to whihc emotion the user wants to see.

We are just writing up a action plan and the content of what the actually doing for this project that i will post up soon. But for now i am going to research on some good emotional black and white films.

Artifact (update)

I have just been researching on stanley donwood and his work but something in me wasn’t quiet happy with me taking his work forward to do my artifact on(no offence)


whilst i was researching i came across POLLY APFELBAUMapfelbaum-polly.jpg and i know it sounds stupid but i just felt more happier looking at her work. I know its simple but i love the use of colour and the vibes that you get from her work. so once again lets hope i can find a piece of her work which i can actually copy as-well as her technique.

Here is a few examples of her Love Park woodblock monoprint work. i think i will carry one of these forwards for my projects:love-me-tender-15.jpglovepark11.jpglove-park-7.jpglove-park-10.jpgloveparkd_may_05.jpglovers-leap-11.jpgrainbow-park-1.jpg

As you can see, Love Park, is a stunning kaleidoscope of flowers that practically whirls right off the huge sheets of handmade paper she uses. Apfelbaum continues the theme of colourful florals, taking us through the spectrum while leaving aside her velvets for the time being. Apfelbaum grants the viewer the freedom to appreciate the sheer pleasure of aesthetics. No trespassing: All grumpy viewers must please keep out of Love Park.

Here is some information about Polly and the Love Park pieces:

Polly Apfelbaum (born 1955, Abington, PA) is best known for her colorful, abstract floor installations of stained textiles. Recently she has returned to the more traditional confines of a rectangular sheet of paper, printed with woodblocks. Working in collaboration with Durham Press in nearby Durham, Pennsylvania, Apfelbaum is creating small and large prints of joyous colors and floral patterns. From this new series, the Museum selected and purchased the vibrantly colored Love Park IX. Recognition for Apfelbaum’s work includes a recent mid-career retrospective (2003) at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia and a feature article in Art in America (2004). This large-scale print now enlivens the Trexler Gallery at the Museum.


Mapping Product (Email thoughts)

Everybody likes this idea even Mike we are now just thinking of different ways on how to display it,  There is the idea of doing an abstract chain, different colour circles, map of the Internet.  Having flags change size, the larger the flags are the more emails have been sent there.  Or using google map.  Once we think of a final idea I’m sure it will be great as-long as the whole group knows and love the idea!

Mapping Product (More thoughts)

When walking out of Mikes practical We all came up with more new ideas.  An idea came up about placing a URL on a five pound note, but i felt there were alot of problems with this project such as people wont be asked to do it, could stay in somebodies pocket/purse for aaaages, go straight to a bank and could even get lost down the side of a seat.  But it is still worth a try as i think it will be good to track as many things as possible as you do not know how many people will actually visit the URL on the note. 

 I decided to go back to Kats and talk more about this and we wrote them down.  There were alot of idea we came up some doable then other, heres a list of the ideas we came up with:

  • Chain email
  • Tagging a cat
  • Placing a sticker on a Tour bus
  • Tracking a print glass
  • Message in a bottle
  • Balloon messaging
  • Dvd rental

As you can see some ideas are quiet far out there, but as i said before its best to keep our options open so we can actually see what results we can get.

 The email idea is the better idea so we decided to carry on with it, so at kats we created an IDAT101 email address and a dumby email which we may send out to our mates and then they will hopefully send it out to five other people and then them five other people will all do the same and so on and so on.

But how will you know where it goes i hear you cry. Well we thought of that and on the dumby email we simply asked the person who has the email to send one back to us and tell us where abouts they are in the world so we can track where abouts the email has gone.  This is a risky thing to do as people hate chain email and most people just cant be bothered to do these things anymore.  But fingers crossed we will get some results.