Telematic Performance] (10% Group Work)

Working in groups select an image (A4). Devise a system for transferring the image from one location to another. Each person will mark a stage in the transfer which will require the image to be coded and decoded. Each stage will be different from any other stage in the process. The process should last approximately 5 minutes.

Look at: FAX machines/Modems/T.V./Film & slide projectors. You can’t use any of these. (A slide projector may be used as a light source but not for projecting slides). Semaphore/Morse code/shadows/grids. You might want to use some of these.

Think about: Your audience, presentation, genre, style, timing…..

A: It should last 5 minutes,
B: be performed live with audience interaction.
C: You should also provide a ‘script/score’.


Docment on the Telematic Performance can be found below and a link too all the related blogs to this project.

For the telematic performance we were ask to display a way of transferring an images from one place to another. We decided to use the technique of reflection and splitting up an image. With the use of different size cubes which we placed inside each other we created the Russian doll Starting Imageeffect. Each individual cube has a slot cut out of it which will relate to that particular part of the image which the cube is meant to represent. At first we just cut out the correct slots for each cube out of them, but found out that the larger cube was blocking all of the over slots on the smaller cubes, so to work around this we had to cut out more slots on the larger and medium cube. On the larger cube we had to place three slots, (the head slot being its own main part in the image, the body slot and the foot slot) this was also done on the medium cube but we only needed to have to cut out two slots being the body slot (main section of the image for this cube) and the foot slot. By doing this all cubes will be now able to have their section shine through onto the wall.

The original image that we were transferring was of an Russian doll. To make it easier to see which section in coming form which cube we used different coloured acetate for each cube.

  • Large cube had yellow acetate
  • Medium cube had green acetate
  • Smallest cube had blue acetate

On each of the acetate we drew on the details on the Russian doll relating to the cubes section on the image, these being

  • Large cube was for the face of the doll
  • Medium cube was for the body of the doll
  • Smallest cube was for the feet of the doll

To reflect the image from the acetate to the wall, we used beam light, the beat ones we found to use were from a mobile phone as in a tough you get a ring off light reflecting around the bulb actually in the tough.

To present this idea we came up with an experiment Blue Peter style idea. Vicky was the present and Kat, Ollie and myself were the creators and we built up the cubes whilst Vicky went through what to do. To involve the audience we asked of two people with lights on their phone and told them to come to the front, then with the main room lights off we turned the phone lights up and reflected the acetate on the wall.

But did this work out on the night…….. Well the presentation went ok we even managed to put “here’s one we made earlier” in there! But when it came to reflecting it on the wall the image did not come out very well, it was coming out better on my bedroom wall if Im honest, but then I think this is because we had to rush and not take time taking lining it up as there were over performances to take place.

But at the end of the day the group work went well and we did produce a nice project that we took forward as a team and displayed as a team at the end.

Here are some photos of the final cubes and the practise that i done in my room:

The light IIThe lightRussian DollThe Largest cubeThe smallest cubeThe medium cube


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