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Artifact finishing off

Well i had to complete this piece within 2weeks so i thought i would consecrate on it at the weekend.  After Polly had her plan of her final pieces planned out she would lay the handmade paper out flat on a worktop, with the template beside her and she would start placing the flowers on one by on always starting with the larger flowers first so she can make sure she can fit them on the paper,  then she would move down to the next size flowers until she get to the smallest ones, this is her technique because she believes  if she starts her prints with the smaller flowers and then founds out the larger flowers wouldnt fit, that she would waste more time having to cut and then sand the larger flowers down rather than just having to sand down the smaller flowers if they do not fit on the print.  Infact this is a very good method as also she would have to contact the carpenter again and end up waiting another week for her new flowers.

Here is a picture of Polly at workpolly_2.jpg
You can see that she has printed her larger flowers first and is now completing it with the smaller flowers.

Here is me trying to copy this technique

Polly would just apply human strength to the wood and leave the flower block there for a good few mintues and then take it off slowy.  This the same block is used again she would simply turn the block over and re-painted it and repeated the same technique as before.

Here are same pictures of me at work. 


Polly and her team had fun with these print and so did I! The virbatentness of the flowers and the fun feel of the piece brought me alots of fun to complete is and this is just what Polly wanted to get across with her pieces, she wanted to bring the FUN back into art.

You can see my final piece against the orginal on the Artifact page. 

My hands after i had finished!!!!!



The final map!!!

The time has come to round up this project by actually creating a final map.  we ahve gone with the idea of creating a digi map in flash, which shows the different stages and direction that the email traveled.  Ollie completed this take in flash after we all agreeed on the design.  i think that is has come out very cool and rounds up the whole project in showing that you can not control where abouts an email travels and that they can travel all over the place just by the link of 4 people!!

you can see the final swf of the map on the Mapping project page along with the video of the Ferber-optics.

Mapping My own path

As my email had the most successful journey, i thought it was a good idea to make an individual map for its path.  With the help of Kat set set of the emails path with the use of fibre-optics and lights.  We used a mobile phone light and a digital camera to film the light travelling through the fibre-optics.  Each different stage has a different fibre-optic and I cut then out to represent the distant the email travelled to get to the next stage.

You can see that there are little balls of lights in the fibre-optics and these represent the amount of emails sent out by the person at that stage.

This is a nice little piece and looks cool at the same time.  I think it would look better if the fibre-optics were slightly bigger. 

Artifact getting ready

So i got my paint ready and mixed,  Polly firstly chose her colour schemes and then the position of the flowers, she done this by placing the flowers on a piece of wood and drawing and pinning out what it would look like on the paper, to also help her know what stamp to use she would number the flowers and place the corresponding number inside the outline of the stamp on the dumby wood base.  This is a picture of Polly completing this stage of the creation of her wood-presses apfelbaumworking2.jpg.  

And here is a picture of me copying this same technique


Mapping Results

Today we all looked at the mapping results and we wrote down the all the information in a table,  we created different fields for each stage, and then looked at all the emails we recieved and placed them in the table in the correct collum linking to the right stage.  We also after the person location placed in brackets where their friends location was so, we can work out a link between each different email.  But first we thought that we would do this table just so we can put all the information we recieved together.

Here is a Link to the table Kat created in Word. mappingresults1.doc

Mapping No more emails

That’s not because we are not receiving anymore because believe me we are, i know i am still surprised myself!  Sadly we are not going to take any emails we receive further for this project as we now need to start creating and building up our map.  We have gone with the idea of creating too different maps, one of a digi form and one of and paper or creative feel.

The digi map will be created in Flash and it will display the way the email links by moving lines moving in different directions, each different stage of the email will have a different colour so we can tell who sent the email to who and where abouts the different location is. 

Interstices finished

Today i completed my newspaper article showing reports of the transportation device after being used for 50 years, since it was invented.

 Icompleted the newspaper in fireworks with the with this use photos that i found off the Internet and i linked them to my topic.

In my newspaper i am talking about how the world has changed since the transportation device has mean created and how it has took away peoples appreciation of arrive in a different place and taking away the journey form one place to another which kinda gives the feeling that you have not moved at all.  It also mentions how the environment has been damaged and how enemy are finding it easier to get into countries of war.

I also felt to add in an apology from the inventors and how they blame the media and how they changed the demand of the device and changed the way in which it was original invented for.

I have placed this finished artical on the the Intersices page, this also includes Ollies introduction website to the transportation device.