Idat 205: The Load Down

[Creative Industries| IDAT205 | MLA/MPT| CREDITS: 20 | 70% Coursework 30% Exam]

[Module Descriptor]

This module explores the dynamic changes that are sweeping through traditional media and communications industries, brought about by the impact of new technologies such as (digital interactive) terrestrial, cable, and satellite TV, the internet, tele-communications and computer networks. It explores, through group production projects, the practical issues underpinning the management of distributed organisations.


The brief will be delivered in detail during the Week 2 lecture on Monday 1 October.

Each group will present itself via a live website as an independent media company or digital arts agency/organisation. Whatever form it takes, each group must ‘sell’ its products or services by demonstrating its professionalism and excellence through superior web content and effective marketing, such that it will immediately attract and impress any potential client or visitor to the site. The information presented must be based as far as possible upon actuality, so that you are really demonstrating the combined skills of the members of your group.

You should research as many existing sites as possible, in order to find inspiration and guidance for your own site. You will be expected to reference these sources and any other books/journals/materials and incorporate them in a webography to accompany your site, with annotations explaining why you were drawn to these sites.

You should include the following elements on your website:

Original idea for company/agency/organisation
Description of same (mission statement)
Products/services offered
Profiles of individual members
Selection of best work (based on course projects) with annotation
Compelling images/sound/text
Content and form appropriate to such a company/agency/organisation


This will involve the group development in real time of a project (to be confirmed) for a local charity organisation based in the South West. Projects in recent years were for the Eden Project, Rame Conservation Trust and Surfers Against Sewage. The project brief will be delivered in the first two weeks of the spring term.


The individual examination is based on the lectures (including guest lectures from representatives of the media industry) covering key phases and changes in the media industry.


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