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The final map!!!

The time has come to round up this project by actually creating a final map.  we ahve gone with the idea of creating a digi map in flash, which shows the different stages and direction that the email traveled.  Ollie completed this take in flash after we all agreeed on the design.  i think that is has come out very cool and rounds up the whole project in showing that you can not control where abouts an email travels and that they can travel all over the place just by the link of 4 people!!

you can see the final swf of the map on the Mapping project page along with the video of the Ferber-optics.


Mapping My own path

As my email had the most successful journey, i thought it was a good idea to make an individual map for its path.  With the help of Kat set set of the emails path with the use of fibre-optics and lights.  We used a mobile phone light and a digital camera to film the light travelling through the fibre-optics.  Each different stage has a different fibre-optic and I cut then out to represent the distant the email travelled to get to the next stage.

You can see that there are little balls of lights in the fibre-optics and these represent the amount of emails sent out by the person at that stage.

This is a nice little piece and looks cool at the same time.  I think it would look better if the fibre-optics were slightly bigger. 

Mapping Results

Today we all looked at the mapping results and we wrote down the all the information in a table,  we created different fields for each stage, and then looked at all the emails we recieved and placed them in the table in the correct collum linking to the right stage.  We also after the person location placed in brackets where their friends location was so, we can work out a link between each different email.  But first we thought that we would do this table just so we can put all the information we recieved together.

Here is a Link to the table Kat created in Word. mappingresults1.doc

Mapping No more emails

That’s not because we are not receiving anymore because believe me we are, i know i am still surprised myself!  Sadly we are not going to take any emails we receive further for this project as we now need to start creating and building up our map.  We have gone with the idea of creating too different maps, one of a digi form and one of and paper or creative feel.

The digi map will be created in Flash and it will display the way the email links by moving lines moving in different directions, each different stage of the email will have a different colour so we can tell who sent the email to who and where abouts the different location is. 

Mapping email results

I checked the emails results today and i must say i was very shocked to see how many responses we had received!

Here is a screen shot of the emails we have received so far in our inbox!


Here is a few screen shots of the results we have got so far sent to us:

map-ss2.JPG map-ss3.JPG map-ss4.JPG

We have been receiving some very interesting results the email has even gone over seas as you can see in the above screen shots.  It has gone to New York and The Czech Republic as-well as stayed in Plymouth and too the rest of the Groups hometown such as Essex, Bristol  and Southampton.  In a way this project is quiet exciting and interesting as you never know where the email is going to go.  Lets hope for more results!!

Mapping Sent email

Today we drafted out the final email that we are going to send around to people.  We had to take in account that people hate receiving chain emails and that if we wanted people to read the email we would have to make the email sort and sweet and to the point.

This is the email we sent out:

This email is at stage 1 of the chain. (Please add 1 to this value when forwarding)Hi,We’re students in Plymouth University, and we have a project that we were hoping you could help us out with. Basically all you have to do is visit this website, fill in the form, and pass this e-mail on to at least five friends.

We know we all hate chain mails but this would really help us out.

The site is- you for your time.We have also included the URL that we want them to visit and fill in the details needed.  I think this email should get good results as we are polite and explaining ourselves with waffling on.

To start with we sent the email form the to the four of us in the email, so that the first stage will be located in the same area which is Babbage213.  This will make it easy for us to start our map as the journey began in one place.

Mapping information site is up!

Well done to Ollie who today completed the website which will be linked on the email where we want people to fill in information on where they received the email, where abouts they are reading the email and what stage the email is at when received it.

Here is screen shots of the finished website:
The first screen shot shows the introduction to the site, it is really the email in more detail so that
the viewer knows exactly what is going on


This screen shot shows the form the viewer has to fill out as you can see it is very short and no person details such as phone number or address is asked for, we do not even receive their email address as the submit button sends an email the the actual website email.  None of us will receive any information that the viewer does not want us to know:

Finally after the information has been submitted the viewer is shown a thank-you message on behalf of the project just so we keep everybody happy. All credit for Ollie for setting up this web-page!