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Idat 201: Crash and Burn

Today was editing day, but the computer I was working on just didn’t want to work. My boyfriend and I just did not have a clue why the computer kept on crashing an switching on and on, guess it is just my luck. After reinstalling windows a number of times, I got on with the editing process saving all the time encase the computer random turned itself off. Editing did not take too long, as i really enjoy editing film clips and have been doing it for many years now, and I believe I have quiet good skills with editing, but Sony Vagas is also so easy to use and very advanced.

But there is always a problem waiting around the corner and this time is was about my audio. I decided to go with a song by Biffy Clio, calle Dust till dawn, as it has the sadness feel in the song and you can image it being in a film when somebody is walking away form somewhere and walking into a new life. But for some reason the computer I was on didn’t like the audio and would not play it, so i was like ok, I will render the movie and move onto my Imac and edit the song in iMovie. I thought iMovie could open all sort of formats but it turns out not. I first render my film clip as a MPEG and iMovie did not like this, so I have to go back on the PC and render it again as a AVI, this took a while to render but as soon as it was done I run it in iMovie and all was fine. I added the music, lucky i did not have to edit the music t all, as iMovie done this all for me, also it was very easy to render it as a quicktime movie in iMovie, don’t you just love mac!

I render my film, but didn’t realise I had render it in wide-screen so it cut of part of the cone, so i render it again in standard screen and all was well. I handed both wide and standard screen films, but i personally prefer the standard screen as you can see all the cone as it meant to be.

The film is, how best to describe, sweet I would say, its just a simple film about a lost lonely cone who wants to find other traffic cones to hang around with, If I had more time I would improve the green screen so it would be on a moving background, and I even had the idea of the traffic cone looking in a television shop window, watching one of the screen, showing a drunk person mucking about with a traffic cone, just to add a more feeling to feel sorry for the cone.

Here is my Final 3D film slip


Idat 201: Placing onto the still images

Today I made all the animations i needed form 3D Max so I could take them onto my Sony Vegas editing software at home and create the movie. This was very easy to task to do, I simple just had to change the environment background to a bitmap on my choice and the scene would change. To add a final touch I added the snow effect to the snow scene to make it seem more realistic. Here are same examples of how the roadwork scene look likes and how the group scene looks like.  I really like the look of the cones grouped together in front of the moonlight.



Idat 201: Still is the way forward

Right I have been getting too stressed over this so the plan is to just use still images that the cone walks over, I know it will look really cheep and raw, but it adds to the whole comical side to the film, I wish I did have more time to improve the green screen but it is just coming too much of a headache. The picture I have chosen are:


This is a picture I will use to create the sence of the cone walking over a hill top


This picture will create the sence of the cone walking through a snow


I am going to use this picture for when the cone stops and fines out that there is road works up ahead.


Finally this is a picture i will use when the cone has found other cones and they are all gathered together.

Also today I made a material layout in fireworks which I placed on my traffic cone so it looks more realistic, I am actually really happy with how the cone is looking. Even thought it is a simple shape I still think it looks good.


This is the material I created in Fireworks


and this is the new cone with material.

Idat 201: Green Screening

Today I bought of iTunes the Darf Punk video for the “Da Funk” as it has the busy traffic going on it it, and I thought it would be easy to cut up. Here it the video found on

I didn’t manage to cut up the screens I needed, but I went in the uni to complete the green-screening to add my cone onto the scene, and it just went horrible wrong, the cone became blurry and half way through the clip half of it would disappear so it would just look like a orange blob. I started to get really stress out, so I am done for the day and I will re-think my plan start of next week.

Idat 201: To get the feel of things

As I want the traffic cone to appear in-front of fast moving traffic, I went on the Internet and came across this picture:


I decided to place it behind my cone so I could get a feel of what the cone would sort of like like in the end movie, I think it looks quiet cool, just that when I green screen it I am a bit worried it is not going to be as crisp looking.


Idat 201: Storyboard Number 2

Here is a scanned image of the storyboard i have sketched out for my 3D traffic cone.

The story of the cone is base on it being lost and lonely and that it decides to go wondering to find other traffic cone, no matter how long it takes.  My film clip will have a comical side to it as well as child like.

Idat 201: Cone At home

Tonight I attempted to build the cone at home myself this time and also I added some animation to the cone. This all went well I build it up fine, the animation it a bit flaky but I will improve this, just right now I am concentrating on my John Ford essay.