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Prid 302: Fun Face Recognition

This project remind me of my first idea of the Clown Corridor, where people will walk down a corridor, whilst seeing themselves in front on them, but instead of their face it will be replaced with a clowns mask – or some unpleasant imagery

I think this is really fun and it has made me think about maybe still doing something with the Clown Corridor project


Prid 302: What I have been playing with

I have gone the Internet and found a few tutorials on some interesting web cam projects. Both in Flash and Processing:

I found a tutorial on the Processing website, on how to pick a web cam feed up, detect the amount of, Red, Blue and Green pixels and merge them into one, and how when you press any key on your keyboard a snap shot is taken, leaving the refreshed back ground image with a ghostly figure of your face. Here is a snap shot my web cam in action:

I am very fond of the ghostly image this leaves behind – kind of like you have left your marking/stamp behind, I think it will be interesting to see how people react to using this application – will they like seeing themselves.

I have also found face recognition code for flash and the use of web cams – luckily the creator has uploaded the source code for this project, so I have been able to download it and test it. I will soon play around with it and hopefully create a similar piece to The Portrait Machine
Here is video of the software in action by the creator:

Here is a snap shots of me (and John) using it on my iMac:

Prid 302: The Photo Booth

i have been thinking about how people like to use photo booths both old fashion and modern – to pull funny faces and be able to laugh at themselves.

Photo Booth Self-Portrait, ca. 1963
Andy Warhol (American, 1928–1987)
Gelatin silver prints

This pair of photo-booth strips is one of Warhol’s earliest experiments with photography. For Warhol, as a source entertainment and private self get-away. Behind the curtains, the sitter could adopt a succession of different roles, each captured in a single frame; the resulting in a strip of four poses – possible showing the layers up the users personality, or even their auto ego.

The modern day most popular photo booth, has to be the built in software application on Apple Macs:

it takes a photo with the built- in or external web cam. What makes this photo booth different towards the rest if the many different number of effects it has on offer, such as:

Standard effects

* Sepia
* Black & White
* Glow
* Colored Pencil
* Thermal Camera
* X-Ray
* Pop Art
* Comic
* Mirror
* Dent
* Stretched
* Squeezed
* Fish eye
* Tunnel

Users like to you this to amuse themselves as well as others with this software – most people will even upload the end results. This is all good fun and brings lots of laughs, but are people really thinking about that they are uploading their portrait – personal identify for all to see. This is again why I want to do an public project to see how willing people are to have their face on show.

Idat310: New Involve site

We all decided that our Involved site news a new more fresh design, so far I have designed this layout, Vicky will now take this and built it up. Also Aqeel is tweaking up our logo and looking up fonts to be used on the site:

Blog I Like

just found this and I rather like reading it: