Monthly Archives: December 2006

Telematic The Performace

Right its over with the performance has been done.  We went first doing our Blue Peter style experiment, Vicky even had a white scientific coat on and we use the “here’s one we made early” famous quote.  But the end image wasn’t too great and the surrounding wasn’t too great to the siluettes and the fact that one of the audience members just came up and didn’t even know if they had a light on their phone.  But it was all good fun at the end of the day, and I enjoyed watching all of the rest of the performances and especially throwing the card at the sailor boy group and getting free sweets.

You can find photos form the perfomance and photos of the cubes on the Telematic page.


Telematic Performance (Before performance)

Again we meet up in the library and we discussed how to present the performance.  Mike said it was like we were conduction a experiment so we went with that idea and thought of a Blue peter kind of style thing.

Vicky would present the experiment, by showing the audience the original image and explaining what we were doing with the cube.  Then Vicky would describe how to create the cubes and the shapes within them, whilst the helpers would show the audience how to do it.  Finally we would ask the audience for two helpers with lights on their phones and the one by one shine the lights through the boxes and link the image being reflected on the wall together to create the original image of the Russian doll.

Telematic Performance (final build)

When we had finished building the whole three cubes we tested with the tough to see how all three cubes placed in each other came out.  This did not work very well as there was just a ring of light coming from the tough.  We realised that we needed a beam of light so we decided that we would call two people up form the audience (as Vicky has a light on her phone) who have light on there phone to help us shine a light in all three boxes.  We practise this with the help of Chris and Mat form MPT and the results were pretty good we just hoped they would be alright on the night.