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Prid 302: First idea

As my Dissertation is about privacy, and how the Internet is drawing people to broadcast themselves more, I am thinking of taking and developing on this for my final year project.

My idea is to use projecting visuals that is invading people’s privacy, either created by a VJ linked with Twitter, filming the inside of a building and broadcasting it on the outside, or placing camera around campus and showing the footage on the projection.

I really like the work that is by Urban Screen and how their projecting are molded around the building in use, they definitely are my main inspiration.

You can find all their work here:

Today I have told Shaun my beginning ideas and he thought they are cool ideas and really interesting. So now I am going to research more into this and come up with a really cool idea that invades and exposes people – just hope people don’t start to hate me :S


Idat 307: Just a random idea

Whilst I was watching television at the weekend, this advert came on:

It always gets me thinking of how cool it would be to actually do that, but this time I actually did think how maybe I could do something similar myself, even for the hell of it or link it with a project.

I was thinking of maybe filling, a room or house with balloons and filming it from the inside to create an Claustrophobic yet colourful and magical environment. This will also get people to look at the space around then differently and also make them more aware of the environment around even though they can barely see where they are. I would film it with a fish eye lens and think it would be interesting to screen it in the done.

But whos know, I can mention it to Mike, but it might just be one of my mad half hour ideas 😀

Soft 335: Idea for project

For my scripting module I am to create a piece in flash that links up with a server, on my walk home from uni today, I have decided to make a two player game. The game being:

The Beatles Pictionary

Obviously based around the game Pictonary and Yahoo Graffiti, my game will involve a person drawing an object from a word they have randomly been given, whilst the other player has to guess what their opponent is drawing before the timer has run out. All the words will be Beatle related, which will make the game different to all the ones already out there.

I have already started designing and thinking of what words I can include within the game 🙂

Here are some images of the classic game Pictonary


Yahoo Graffiti

And a photo of the famous Beatles

Idat 307: Proposal Walk with another pair of eyes – vision trading – zoning perspectives

My Proposal for my 4D final project 4DProposal

am I happy with it, huuummmm

PRID 301: Dissertation Proposal…..Done!

Today I handed in my Dissertation proposal, which included my title(which I believe as a bit weak at the moment and plan to improve), My structure, interests in the subject area, references and methodology.

I have decided to write about how people don’t seem to want to be private anymore and how I believe it is down to the Internet and such websites such as Twitter.

Here is a link to my proposal:

Claudia Grant Dissertation Proposal

Idat 307: With thanks to Vimeo

I found some cool film clips on of Time Markers Experiments.   They are clips  of two different areas at the same time and then they have intertwine them together, which as qouted creates a “dynamic visual parade and ambiguous narrative”

I really like these films and it is getting me thinking even more!

Time Markers Experiments: a pastry shop and a rainy street from bruce mckaig on Vimeo.

Time Markers Experiments: a pub door and a ski lift from bruce mckaig on Vimeo.

Idat 307: Told Mike

Today I just told Mike, my starting ideas.  He seemed to like it.  I told him how I would like to do a simular project like I completed for Idat204 but this time with film.  We both said how it would be cool if I could link it with GPS so the user can look on say their Iphone and see the path they are walking in the past( a few weeks ago) from the day they are walking down it.

Also I was thinking it would be interesting to think how to link two places at once, for instance if somebody is standing outside a building, they can link up their GPS and actually view the inside of the building and its activities on their phone, kinda like a spy ;).

Both of these ideas link to the film Deja VU.  As on the film there is a machine (soon to be found out to be a time machine) that is filming the past of 4 days ago that can be interactive with by people in the present.  There is even a scene where they use GPS, to track the video, so they can follow a car that was driving on a road 4 days ago.  I have located the scene, however it has been dubbed over in German I believe, but not 100% :S