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Here we are again

After a year and a half away, I have returned to Plymouth for my final year.  Freshers week is other and done with, so that means it is now, FREAKING OUT TIME!!!!

For my final year, I have to :

Write a 6000-10000 word Dissertation.

Base a final year project around my dissertation.

Plus complete my chosen modules, which are:

IDAT 310 Design for Entertainment Systems

IDAT 307 4D

SOFT 335 Scripting for Digital Media (first term only)

IDAT312 Narrative and Digital Form (second term only)

So not much then…….but I am planning to keep on top of everything and I have the ball rolling on most things already (she says).

But I can’t sit back and enjoy the ride, I must WORK WORK WORK!!!!

p.s wish me luck 😉