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Idat310: Presentation done!

wooo, we had our presentation pitch for our game on Wednesday, I believe it went well and we got our idea across well!

There were a few good pitches that really expressed their game idea and what their company is about, however there were some who I did not understand what they wanted to achieve and how they were different from anything else out there.

Interesting to know what everybody else is doing now though!!!!


Soft 335: Proposal

Even though I have already mentioned my idea, I have wrote a proposal for Nigel and it found below:


Idat 310: Technical Drawing of Cling in action

Here is a simple technical drawing of the game cling in action. This is to just help get the idea across of all the aspects of the game. Photos and films will soon follow of people playing the demo game that is completed

Idat 310: Graffiti for Cling wall

On the wall I am going to design for the Cling game, I had the idea of having the word “cling” place on the wall in graffiti…..I have been downloading free fonts today and I played about with them and created this piece, where my group and I can decide on what design to take forward:

Idat 310: Game Figures

Here are the game figures I have designed for our game Cling….we all agreed that a Mii like character was the best figure to use within our game:

Here are the four characters I have designed up:

Idat 310: Cling stuff

Here are some of the graphics/designs I have complete for my groups game, Cling:

First logo design

Playing with fonts for more logo ideas

I found this 3D font, that I just love….I have used a number of different colours here, however, I believe the white, purple and transparent are the ones that work best with the font:

Will put these to group and see what they say

Idat 310: More website colours

Just to conclude all the colour logos, here are the purple and turquoise website designs