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Interstices finished

Today i completed my newspaper article showing reports of the transportation device after being used for 50 years, since it was invented.

 Icompleted the newspaper in fireworks with the with this use photos that i found off the Internet and i linked them to my topic.

In my newspaper i am talking about how the world has changed since the transportation device has mean created and how it has took away peoples appreciation of arrive in a different place and taking away the journey form one place to another which kinda gives the feeling that you have not moved at all.  It also mentions how the environment has been damaged and how enemy are finding it easier to get into countries of war.

I also felt to add in an apology from the inventors and how they blame the media and how they changed the demand of the device and changed the way in which it was original invented for.

I have placed this finished artical on the the Intersices page, this also includes Ollies introduction website to the transportation device.



Right for this project I am working Ollie and our task is to think of an invention that will be created in the future that will have a social impact and will change certain things about how we live today.

 Once we have thought of a invention we have to create a web-page/advert/news article for it.

First of me and Ollie did throw some ideas up in the air from headphones that you plug in your head that end up brain washing you.  To animals wearing a muzzle that will change their voice so we can understand them.

But we have decided to stick with the idea on transportation:

The social impact this will have will be that people can travel to any place in the world whenever they want in just a flash of a second, people wont experience the journey from one place to another and it will make the world communicate more.

 But it will also have down fulls such as disease will spread easier as people will bring it back with them, population will be create more as more airwaves and radiation.  There could be a problem of when you travel certain parts of a person may get lost as bug may get into the system. Also more war could take place, as enemies could very easier get to the country they want to fight without anybody knowing.  There is many more:

Ollie is going to complete the introduction to the invention by doing a web-page that will promote the new invention.

I will complete a news article and front cover of a newspaper which will be based 10 years after the invention was created and how it has good wrong and problems have accrued.