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Idat 204: Quick note!!!

I have completed a seperate blog for my idat204 module for this term, here you can find my delevment throughout my second term with Chris Speed, have a look it was a good module!!!!


Idat 204: The Presentation

Today was the day where Chris and I sat and I presented him my organism project. As the was so many muck ups I really concentrated on putting forward my ideas and what inspired me in my presentation.

I think the presentation went quiets well, i really tried to go through my ideas and how the virus and how you never know how its going to spread inspired me.

Chris thought the sea-monkey we a nice visual piece and he love when they mated and produce babies. We both agreed that when the eggs linked together they looked like the virus pictures I included in my presentation.

I also mentioned in my presentation what I would do it I had more time. With the sea-monkeys I a going to work out how to give them a life span and include a drop and drag method of feeding.

I am going to email Mark again and try and meet up with him again as I myself want to know how to tackle trying to play random songs form an array.

Here is a link to my presentation to Chris.


And a Link to the flash piece at the present moment.


Meet Mark and we went through it all and the code we created all made sence. I went home and added it to my own code, and guess what it did not work. So I am very very very stressed out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to continue with the seamonkey thing tonight, but to be honest I have been soo stressed out and cried soo much over this all, I just dont know if I can manage it.

Right the plan was to make the sea monkeys dies then think about food. The varible I made before didnt work so I thought about a timer and the removeing random clips. This also didnt want to, so it was back to the drawing board again,a dn this is at 11 o’clock!!!!

Right I thought about adding an evil seamonkey that eats them all up when it hits it, but for form strange reason the hit test wasnt working?!?!?!?!!?

You can imagine what I am like right now. I started to research around the net on what other people have done in flash but it was just too late to start anything new.

I am soo gutted abotu this project its not asif I havent been working on it I have tried and tried and tired I even got help but that even didnt want to work!!! I think I am jinxed this year!!!

To top this Kat is no longer doing th course and leavign uni. she will be truely missed :(!!!

Plan for tomorrow is to persent my ideas and so how they went wrong and what I would do if i had more time. I am not happy about it at all!!!

Idat 204: Sea Monkey Hell

Right I am trying to kill off these sea monkeys by adding a life varible but it doesnt seem to want to work, big fat AAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!

the code I keep putting is:

var life:Number

life= 0 + 1

If (life >20){



but you guessed it, it does not want to work!!!! I have stayed up late yet again trying to research how to do this.  I am seeing Mark tomorrow so fingers cross for that one!!!

Idat 204: The talk

I had a talk to Chris Speed today about how bad things were going with the living melody and how I had the backup. He was pleased I havent gave up. i got an email from Mark today we are meeting on wednesday as thats the only time he is free, eeeek thats the day before the presentation. Well I have going to try my hardest to figure out how to do this code, at the moment I have this:

n = 1 +Rnd()*2
sounds(n) =

and I have change all the sound pieces IDs to sndMain.  Bit sadly this doesnt work lets hope for a result with Mark.

Idat 204: The Seamonkeys have got my back

Right Today i started to think that i am really going to need a backup plan for this organism project, Linking with The whole idea of virus and spreading, I started to thinking of bacteria, ans how we can control it, and suddenly sea-monkeys came to my head. As they are like pets for a human but the owner has no input into the way the sea-monkeys go apart form added the power in the begin of their development. I am thinking of using flash for this project. The plan will be to generate seamonkeysin a random position, give them random speeds and they can breed and produce random amount of babies and it will be random whether they are girls or boys beign born.

I went researching for flash organisms and I came across this nice game.

Sadly mine wont be as good as this become of my time span 😦

But Today i did manage to complete the sea-monkeys randomly appearing and moving and also the random breeding, so it was quiet a productive day!

Idat 204: Array and sounds

Ok i have added the arrays here is three examples:

sounds(1)= “bells.wav”

sounds(2)= “winds.wav”

sounds(3)= “bass.wav”

But the complicated thing is that we are only storing text in the array and not the source of the sound clip.  so i Have to think how I am going to generate the random number and make it paly the linking random sound……

The code for the random number is as such:

n= 1+Rnd()*20

I am going to email Mark Dixon about this problem to see what he thinks about tackeling this