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I am also going to start thinking about filming the real life scene for my film, soon, but first I have to concentrate on the Organism project.  Wonder who my main star will be??????


201: Building of the man

At the end of last week I went into Smeaton room 104 and I started to build up my manikin in 3d Max. I was finding this difficult to get my head around, so I started to do my organism project instead.

Yesterday though I was up and ready to challenge to really get down and start creating my manikin, I was feeling abit better about building it up and the individual shapes were going to plan. I do think my arms are too thin though. I also added colour in my material menu, I went for a light wooden colour for the main body parts and a darker wooden colour for the knees and elbows. When I attracted them onto the the body I felt more happy about the way the manikin was looking.

Today i went into Smeaton again and I have now completed all the main body parts, just need to add the hands and feet. I am just thinking over what shape would be best to use as they are quiet difficult shapes to create.

All this aside I am still thinking how good Lukes Manikin looked and it makes me feel so bad about my own, so I am going to look up the tutorials he gave me 🙂

Idat 204: Sea Monkey Hell

Right I am trying to kill off these sea monkeys by adding a life varible but it doesnt seem to want to work, big fat AAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!

the code I keep putting is:

var life:Number

life= 0 + 1

If (life >20){



but you guessed it, it does not want to work!!!! I have stayed up late yet again trying to research how to do this.  I am seeing Mark tomorrow so fingers cross for that one!!!

Idat 204: The talk

I had a talk to Chris Speed today about how bad things were going with the living melody and how I had the backup. He was pleased I havent gave up. i got an email from Mark today we are meeting on wednesday as thats the only time he is free, eeeek thats the day before the presentation. Well I have going to try my hardest to figure out how to do this code, at the moment I have this:

n = 1 +Rnd()*2
sounds(n) =

and I have change all the sound pieces IDs to sndMain.  Bit sadly this doesnt work lets hope for a result with Mark.

The Edge Project

£50 million, four competitors and only one winner

The National Lottery is having a compertion where the public vote for the corse that they feel best deserved the money to go ahead to build their project. The fours projects taking part are:

Sustrans’ Connect2
Connect2 is a UK-wide project that aims to improve local travel in 79 communities by creating new walking and cycling routes for those everyday journeys.

The Eden Project/ The Edge
The Edge represents the next evolution of the Eden Project in Cornwall, where communities will be able to share the ideas they have for improving their lives and surroundings.

Sherwood: the Living Legend
Sherwood: The Living Legend will protect the fragile ecology of one of the world’s most famous forests so it can be enjoyed by future generations.

Black Country Urban Park
Not only will our project entice visitors to discover the Black Country, but more than 800,000 people will live within walking distance of a much needed attractive, safe environment.


The Eden Project have come to Plymouth Uni and asked Chris Speed and Mike Phillips to get some student involved with help with the promotion. They both decided to ask Aqeel to be teamleader, good choice I must say. Aqeel then had to pick his team from the second year Idat group, and you have guessed it Aqeel decided to pick me as he likes the ideas i come up with and my skills with flash. He says I will mainly be working with Simon, as he is really good at animation and action script.

I have been asked to start thinking about story boards of how the flash site will look, but its all still a bit confusing to tll what we actually have to do. Next Firday we are meeting up with Mike to talk things through. This is very exciting, I am really up for this project!!!!

Just a BIG thank you to Aqeel for picking me! Now lets make The Edge with this money!!!!

201: Oooh Joy!!!

There was me thinking that nobody would probably do an Art Manikin for their 3d object, but today I found out that Luke is also doing two art manikins in a Jay and silent Bob scene.  I was like, ooooh great!!!!!

I asked to look at his manikin and my jaw hit the floor. As it was amazing!!!!!  to make it even worst he was saying how it was his first time doing 3d modelling.

Luke pasted me on some links to tutorials and good sites, that I am going to look at after I had made a draft manikin myself, without tutorials.

The Links he gave me were:

and and search for 3D Max

Idat 204: The Seamonkeys have got my back

Right Today i started to think that i am really going to need a backup plan for this organism project, Linking with The whole idea of virus and spreading, I started to thinking of bacteria, ans how we can control it, and suddenly sea-monkeys came to my head. As they are like pets for a human but the owner has no input into the way the sea-monkeys go apart form added the power in the begin of their development. I am thinking of using flash for this project. The plan will be to generate seamonkeysin a random position, give them random speeds and they can breed and produce random amount of babies and it will be random whether they are girls or boys beign born.

I went researching for flash organisms and I came across this nice game.

Sadly mine wont be as good as this become of my time span 😦

But Today i did manage to complete the sea-monkeys randomly appearing and moving and also the random breeding, so it was quiet a productive day!