Idat 201: Trans-Spatial Design: The Load down

[Module Descriptor] CREDITS: 10 | 100% Coursework

This module provides students with an introduction to three-dimensional software applications and the design process as a whole from conception through development, to realisation. Supported by critical examination of cultural artefacts, the module demands students synthesise the design of a digital three-dimensional object with an understanding of its historical background.


Simulacrum (70%)

The simulacrum is an individually produced presentation that encapsulates a reinterpretation or innovatory development of an object. The presentation of the object should be in the form of a 90 second animation / video.

Through the lecture series you will develop an understanding of what ‘object’ may represent and your simulacrum will be the vessel in which you present it.Whatever your chosen object is, it’s design, soundtrack, visual presentation and physical packaging of your project should all be derived from the properties held within your object and its history.

Hand in deadline: Friday 30th November @ 2pm to the faculty Office


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