Idat 201: The introduction

We had our first lecture today, where we were told the basics of the module and what is expected from us.  Katina Hazelden will present our lecture, where she will discuss the history of art, thee way people perceive things and how this has shifted the way design is being thought about.  They will also cover the core concepts of simulation and simulacra.    Katina, will also take our tutorials where we will discuss our ideas for our 90 second film and give us technical developing sessions.

The first two practical sessions will be used for teaching 3D Studio Max in 3 hour session, this will be taught with Vladimir Geroimenko.

To end the introduction lecture we were shown some expamels of last years work.  They all vaired and most of them used mix media and only sinpetts with thier 3d model.  I think with my end piece i would like to include my model alot more than what we sure today.

overall i am really excited about this module!!!


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