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Idat 307: Donnie Darko – The Watery Ooze Scene

Mike asked us to think of a film, which looks and plays with time.  Straight away I thought of Donnie Darko as the whole o the film is based on the philosophy of time and what time travel leads up to.

The main part of the film I was thinking of which matches this module the most is, the watery ooze scene.  Donnie (the main character) see a beam appear out of his chest and that of his family, which shows their future path.  Donnie himself even though unaware of his next move, is being shown where he is heading, with portrays that his future thoughts have already been made.

The scene is embedded below

The idea of time travel does interest me, however I don’t think I will take if further within this module.

The Beatles Vectored

I was bored and was playing about in Flash and this is what I came up with…… I need to improve them a lot.  But for now I think George is the best out the bunch, maybe I subconsciously made him better as he is my favorite Beatle 🙂

The image I have uploaded is a screen shot of my desktop, as I do not know how to save the work in Flash as a JPEG, and when I would copy them into Illustrator, lines would appear 😦

Picture 1

Idat 203 Production

Adam and Shemma recorded the poems today and i edited them together in Sony Vegas

I have asked Shemma and Adam to be my voices, as Adam has a really intense voice which would work well with the Patrolling Barnegat and Shemma has a natural comforting voice that I believe will work well with the Sonnet. I used my digital camera as a recording device and it has a good microphone and always records clear. To edit the piece together i used Sony Vegas, as I find this software easy to use and I am confident with my skills within this software.
I first created two audio track, one i made pan to the left and the other the right. Then I placed Adams audio in one and Shemmas in the other. I then went through both poems and found the key places for the audios to swop. Once I had moved everything about, i faded in and out the tracks where they swopped so it creates a smoother and stereo effect.
I went onto and I downloaded some sound effects, of rough sea, a flare gun and genral nature sounds, but i felt that when i placed them in the piece it made it even hard to understand the speech audio, and became impossible to follow. I decided to leave this out for now.
I tested it though my headphone placed in the computer and onces I was happy I renders the piece as a MP3 and named it Case Study Nature Swop

idat 203 two poems

With the help of my sister I have come across these two poems, they are both about nature and how they effect the person.  But both are different views, the Sonnet poem is very light and has a positive look on nature, whereas the  Protrolling Barneget is a more negative view of nature, so I feel these are two dramatic contrasting poems.

Sonnet – John Clare

I love to see the summer beaming forth
And white wool sack clouds sailing to the north
I love to see the wild flowers come again
And mare blobs stain with gold the meadow drain
And water lillies whiten on the floods
Where reed clumps rustle like a wind shook wood
Where from her hiding place the Moor Hen pushes
And seeks her flag nest floating in bull rushes
I like the willow leaning half way o’er
The clear deep lake to stand upon its shore
I love the hay grass when the flower head swings
To summer winds and insects happy wings
That sport about the meadow the bright day
And see bright beetles in the clear lake play

Patrolling Barnegat by Walt Whitman

Wild, wild the storm, and the sea high running
Steady the roar of the gale, with incessant undertone muttering,
Shouts of demoniac laughter fitfully piercing and pealing,
Waves, air, midnight, their savagest trinity lashing,
Out in the shadows there milk-white combs careering,
On beachy slush and sand spirts of snow fierce slanting,
Where through the murk the easterly death-wind breasting,
Through cutting swirl and spray watchful and firm advancing,
(That in the distance! is that a wreck? is the red signal flaring?)
Slush and sand of the beach tireless till daylight wending,
Steadily, slowly, through hoarse roar never remitting,
Along the midnight edge by those milk-white combs careering,
A group of dim, weird forms, struggling, the night confronting,
That savage trinity warily watching.

Idat 203: starting new ideas

So during the Easter Holidays I was having a think of what I could continue on with for this project. I had a number of ideas. One was doing a Sugar Waters audio effect of an everyday event. Which then changed into making it based on a college shooting, with the same idea of Elephant, with it being more about the reality of the scene than the narrative. But then I started to think how would the user know the audios have swopped and if one audio was being played backwards how would they understand it, and know what was going on.
I then started to think of just doing a bigger scaled version of what I completed for Idat 204, but I did not want to do a narrative tour again, and as I do not know any actors/actresses and I am not a writer I could not create a story of different views of an event, that would be intense and worth while.
Next idea that came into my head was using Mscape, with is software which works with flash and GPS. I was thinking of creating a sound piece that follows the route you are taking by detecting where you are with the GPS on your phone. But the same reasons as before, I did not want to do just an audio tour and a story i write would not be very interesting.

Idat 201: first 3D max session

Today was our first session with Vad and 3dMax.  Vad went through tutorials himself and then shown us video tutorial, that were all very helpful.  Today we were just getting use to the program and where to find it and just what everything means, and how to use the different tools.

For a while we got the chance to create any objects, so i just had ago at building and all the shapes that the 3dMax already has on offer and changing their size and texture.  It was the first time i have used the program or down any 3D modelling at all, i was shocked how easy it was to create certain shapes.

To end the session we were given a task to get used to the 3D world and what it has on offer.  With the basic feature of the program, we were asked to create a composition of an orange, an apple, a windowsill, a wall, a wine bottle and a knife.  Also we got to add lights and a camera so we can view the scene form different angles.  But that was not all, we were also asked to do a basic animation.

That all sound alot to do for you first try I know, but Vad provided us with a worksheet, which had step by step instructions and this made it alot easier.