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Idat 310: Cling Flyer

I have just knocked up a flyer, to help us promote Cling being showcased in the student union on Thursday:


Idat310: The Wall

As we have to include cliffs within our game, I have had to adapt the brick wall to appear more like a rock wall and add a few cliff onto it. We wanted to keep the graffiti on the wall, so it give the game a fresh urban fill. I do prefer the use of bricks, but because of the game features a rock wall is more suited:

Ollie will now take this and recreate it within flash

Idat310: Cling Characters

I have taken the Cling Climber Characters I made before and adapted them to look like each member of Involve for the final version of our game:

Idat310: New Involve site

We all decided that our Involved site news a new more fresh design, so far I have designed this layout, Vicky will now take this and built it up. Also Aqeel is tweaking up our logo and looking up fonts to be used on the site:

Idat310: Lets try this crit again

Its smaller this time and hopefully wont decide not to work when Dan wants to open it. gggggrrrrrrrrrr!!!!


Idat310: Presentation done!

wooo, we had our presentation pitch for our game on Wednesday, I believe it went well and we got our idea across well!

There were a few good pitches that really expressed their game idea and what their company is about, however there were some who I did not understand what they wanted to achieve and how they were different from anything else out there.

Interesting to know what everybody else is doing now though!!!!

Idat 310: Technical Drawing of Cling in action

Here is a simple technical drawing of the game cling in action. This is to just help get the idea across of all the aspects of the game. Photos and films will soon follow of people playing the demo game that is completed