Mapping Project (20% Group Work)

The Mapping project requires your group to explore multidimensional mappings of time and space. This project should/could explore issues of scoring, traces, narrative structures, temporal mappings, notation and choreography. The requirements for this project will be made clear through the lecture programme.

A: Negotiated with each group.



For this project I am in a group of four





For this project we have to create a map of anything we like but in a different kind of way to the average map that we see everyday. First off we came up with the idea of mapping a way a penny travels across the country and even the world, but because more than likely the path we created would be made up it will not be a real map.

Keeping with the tracking idea of following an object we re-thought our idea and came up with a chain email idea. The plan was to send out an email and see where abouts it will get. So we will know the position of the email we placed a url on the email where the viewer will visit and fill in details of their location and their friends location of who sent it to them.

We have also included a stage fields, this is so we know what stage the email is at when we receive the information so we can try and link up the path of each different email. Before the viewer send off the email to five of the mates we asked them to change the stage of the email at the top by adding one to the number it is on at the moment.

To store the results we receive we created an idat email address which is linked up to the webpage where the viewer fills out their information. After a week we looked at all the emails together and placed them in a table. Form this table we drew lines form each stage where the emails linked, the most area that the email travelled around was Plymouth and Essex.

To display this we decided to create a cyber digi line map built up in flash and also a more paper based map with the help of thermal temperatures. I also personally made a map of the path that the email I sent out travelled with the use of lights and fiber-optics.

Here are the final pieces for the mapping project and here is the link to all the blogs based on this project

Here is the SWF file that shows the path of the email and the stages it travelled in:

My owns email path map’s video


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