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Soft 335: Proposal

Even though I have already mentioned my idea, I have wrote a proposal for Nigel and it found below:



Soft 335: The Beatles game is on its way

I have been starting over the last few days to create my pictionary game and most of the time it has gone horribly wrong. But today hurray, I have started again with the help of this tutorial and things are looking up!!!

once i work out how to upload swf files on here I will post up my game so far 🙂

Soft 335: Idea for project

For my scripting module I am to create a piece in flash that links up with a server, on my walk home from uni today, I have decided to make a two player game. The game being:

The Beatles Pictionary

Obviously based around the game Pictonary and Yahoo Graffiti, my game will involve a person drawing an object from a word they have randomly been given, whilst the other player has to guess what their opponent is drawing before the timer has run out. All the words will be Beatle related, which will make the game different to all the ones already out there.

I have already started designing and thinking of what words I can include within the game 🙂

Here are some images of the classic game Pictonary


Yahoo Graffiti

And a photo of the famous Beatles

Here we are again

After a year and a half away, I have returned to Plymouth for my final year.  Freshers week is other and done with, so that means it is now, FREAKING OUT TIME!!!!

For my final year, I have to :

Write a 6000-10000 word Dissertation.

Base a final year project around my dissertation.

Plus complete my chosen modules, which are:

IDAT 310 Design for Entertainment Systems

IDAT 307 4D

SOFT 335 Scripting for Digital Media (first term only)

IDAT312 Narrative and Digital Form (second term only)

So not much then…….but I am planning to keep on top of everything and I have the ball rolling on most things already (she says).

But I can’t sit back and enjoy the ride, I must WORK WORK WORK!!!!

p.s wish me luck 😉