Monthly Archives: May 2009

Just got an email

About this competition:

This is one of my dream prizes!!!  Seeing as I made my red velvets just yesterday and now this email has arrived I feel it is a sign that I MUST enter!!

So now I am off to think about candy all day…mmmmmmmm!!!

Here is a link to the Candy Cakes website


Mission Today: Red Velvet Cupcakes….

Just out the oven





I am starting a new campaign: Campaign Cupcake

How cute are they, if I do say so myself:


The Beatles Vectored

I was bored and was playing about in Flash and this is what I came up with…… I need to improve them a lot.  But for now I think George is the best out the bunch, maybe I subconsciously made him better as he is my favorite Beatle 🙂

The image I have uploaded is a screen shot of my desktop, as I do not know how to save the work in Flash as a JPEG, and when I would copy them into Illustrator, lines would appear 😦

Picture 1