Monthly Archives: September 2009

IDAT 310: Design for Entertainment Systems

I am really looking forward to this module, as it covers all areas of creativity, technicality, marketing and team work.

I will be working with the following peers and we all work brilliantly together:

Ollie Holmwood

Vicky Hill

Aqeel Akbar

Just before we started the module we all meet up and pretty much straight away came up with the idea of creating a virtual climbing wall, that can be projected on high buildings.

We are thinking of the idea of letting people interact with the climbing wall whilst standing on the floor and make them imagine that the character on the wall is actually them.

Got to discuss the idea with dan first before we can take any more steps forward.  We are seeing him tomorrow, so I will report back then!

Fingers crossed he will be ok with our idea, as I know all our hearts are into this project!


Here we are again

After a year and a half away, I have returned to Plymouth for my final year.  Freshers week is other and done with, so that means it is now, FREAKING OUT TIME!!!!

For my final year, I have to :

Write a 6000-10000 word Dissertation.

Base a final year project around my dissertation.

Plus complete my chosen modules, which are:

IDAT 310 Design for Entertainment Systems

IDAT 307 4D

SOFT 335 Scripting for Digital Media (first term only)

IDAT312 Narrative and Digital Form (second term only)

So not much then…….but I am planning to keep on top of everything and I have the ball rolling on most things already (she says).

But I can’t sit back and enjoy the ride, I must WORK WORK WORK!!!!

p.s wish me luck 😉