Interstices (20% Pairs):

“Give me another 24 hours, and I’ll give you a machine which no none will be able to tell from a human being.”
Rotwang, Metropolis, 1926.

“In the electric age we wear all mankind as our skin.”
Marshall McLuhan 1964.

“We are at the farthest point of time!… Why look behind us when we should be crashing down the doors of the impossible? Time and Space died yesterday. We are now living in the absolute since we have created eternal omnipresent speed.”
F.T. Marinetti. 1909

The Interstices Project requires you to explore, analyse and design an ‘interface’. The outcome of this activity will be to develop a ‘representation’ of a specific future, contemporary or redundant technology operating in a social environment. This representation may take the form of an T.V./multimedia ‘advert’ or sales promotion for the ‘product/activity’, a short documentary about the ‘product/activity’ (e.g. News footage/report), a simulation that provides a real experience of the ‘product/activity’.

There are many possibilities, however your project must be based on an extrapolation of current technology/social practice/cultural phenomena/documented hypothesis, and not just whimsical speculation, i.e. the end of Western Civilisation following a bacterial infection which turns out to be microscopic Chinese following the self-miniaturisation of the entire Chinese population…. (see “Slapstick or Lonesome no more’ Kurt Vonnegut)…


A: Design documentation and output of negotiated process. A full blown project is not required, an animatic of slide show will suffice.


Ollie and myself teamed together to complete this task. First off we started to think on what we can actually think about inventing that would changed society or atleast effect it in some way or another.

We decided that transportation booths were invented and placed on the street for everyday people to used at an everyday price, They will appear just like phone booths but instead of typing in a phone number and making a call, the user will typing in a postcode and by the flash of light they will appear in a another booth with that postcode.

This will effect society as people wont need to worry about travelling far distances and wasting time when they could be working or having leisure time. It will give the chance for people to see more of the world and relatives that live far away. But it will also take away the experience of journey and when apiating the new place when you get there, as where you have travelled for fast it will just feel like you have not moved.

Ollie has completed a website that introduces the booth to the public and explains how it can be used and what people will get from it.

I completed an news article 50 years after the booth was invented to show how people feel about it. I also shows how the environment has been damaged and how the media themselves changed the real reason for why the invention was invented. I thought I would also say how even though the invention may get banned that companies are still having meeting in making up a new improved transportation machine.

Here is the final pieces for this project and here is a link to all the blogs related to this project
Final Introduction Website to a Transportation Booth is at this link

50 years after the booth was created news report:
Front CoverPage 4Page 5


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