Prid 302: What I have been playing with

I have gone the Internet and found a few tutorials on some interesting web cam projects. Both in Flash and Processing:

I found a tutorial on the Processing website, on how to pick a web cam feed up, detect the amount of, Red, Blue and Green pixels and merge them into one, and how when you press any key on your keyboard a snap shot is taken, leaving the refreshed back ground image with a ghostly figure of your face. Here is a snap shot my web cam in action:

I am very fond of the ghostly image this leaves behind – kind of like you have left your marking/stamp behind, I think it will be interesting to see how people react to using this application – will they like seeing themselves.

I have also found face recognition code for flash and the use of web cams – luckily the creator has uploaded the source code for this project, so I have been able to download it and test it. I will soon play around with it and hopefully create a similar piece to The Portrait Machine
Here is video of the software in action by the creator:

Here is a snap shots of me (and John) using it on my iMac:


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