Prid 302: Outline of idea

Here is a link to a word doc of my Final Project Outline:

Outline final year project

I am now waiting to be allocated a tutor.

With these ideas as well, I would also like to include a confession project, where at the moment I am thinking of getting people to text or email their confessions and they will be displayed of screens, however they will NOT be anonymous like real confessions. Another idea i have had is the “washer or walker” project, where I place a flashing sign above a toilet that when a person walk out of the toilet it flashes WASHER or WALKER….but I am not sure whether I would be able to set up a webcam in a public toilet, unless there is another way to set this project up. I could maybe even look in to sexual diseases, as people do keep quiet/private about them when sometime they need to be open about them

If I could as well I would love for my work to be set up in an exhibition in an art gallery, so all the pieces can get experienced in their right ways.


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