something a bit cool

As I am thinking of using Quartz Composer to build my final year project up in, i have been looking around at projects that use this developers tool, this is some pieces i have found, on the world wide web:

Apple Hyperwall

The hyperwall is displaying all the apps within the apple store, with a live feed of their growth. Every time a customer downloads an app, its icon lights up (5min delay).

Share Wall

“Wirelessly transfer photos taken from Samsung’s Omnia II phone to the large Share Wall (approximately eight square metres). Visitors can capture and share their memorable WOW moments and post it on the photo mosaic frame which will be constantly updated with new images.”
from Samsung’s official press release.

The Existentail Mirror

Image distortion formula to the live video feed before being rear-projected into the mirror frame.



Old Skool

I am really into my analogue art and photography at the moment, i found it much more exciting than anything digital. As it has a raw and much more real aspect.

Here are some projects using analogue technologies or items:

Ghost in the Machine is a series of musicians portraits that have been made out of recycled cassette tape. It was inspired by the description of how your spirit lives in your body.

This is so simple but very effected:

“Webcam technology is being connected with analogue Polaroids to create live pictures (cut out to create a 3D model) – an example of a digital solutions in analogue context.”


I found this really interest site. The idea is that people send in their secret written on a postcard, image or any related object. Bringing imagery and human emotion together.
The site link is:

Here are some of my favorite images sent in:

Prid 301: Dissertation…Completed

Here is a copy of my final dissertation:

Has Technology and the Internet Caused Us to Forget the Private and
Emotional Meaning Meant to Be Gained From the Photograph?


Idat 307: Web cam tracking tutorial

for our game Cling, we used this web cam tracking tutorial, I will now take this and adapt it to how I want it to be in my project. I am thinking of having 7 target areas, with the web cam tracking, which will mean the use of 7 photographs within the piece.

I am thinking of having the 7 photographs represent 7 different hours. So when I take my photographs I will take one every hour behind the first one, and so on, and then these will get placed within the project

Here is the link to the tutorial:

Idat 307: The Idea that is sticking!

The idea I am going to take forward to been my project for 4D, is a motion tracking application that has been inspired my the photo style Lomography.

The idea is that depending on where the viewer is standing they will see a different layer of an image/perspective. The images within the piece will represent a narrative of one day. Their movement will get tracked by a motion tracker, built into Flash.

Hopefully it will be a great interacting piece that gives the viewer the feel they can control time, and go back and forth through it, whilst viewing photography.

You could say the viewer would be walking a “lomo time line”.

I have used web cam motion tracking before, with my games module, so I will take this and adapt it to how I want it to suit my project.

Idat 307: Photo films

Here is a film I have found, using stop motion animation but with already taken photographs:

i love how in this video they use the present space they are in to match with the scene of the photographs taken in the past.

Idat 307: Lomography

I have just discovered Lomography and the way you can experiment with places two different locations into one photograph and play about with photo movement, really smoothly. Most photos are know as “happy accidents”

I am hoping to complete my 4D project with the use of Lomography, I have just got to decide what content and how I will present my final piece. it would be good to your the negative film and as well as the photographs within the end piece.

Here are a few examples of Lomo photographs:

I will be using a Holga 120GN camera, and I had the added features of a flash with colour filters and a wide lens add on.