FYP: Idea that I am sticking with

Inspired by Postsecret, with the way it brings emotion and image together, and my love for the photobooth, i am wanting to set up a photobooth- that takes photos of people and their emotion or secret and display them as a projection of a mosaic made up of the images.

From further thinking this idea, i thought maybe it would be good to ask the users to record a 30 second video telling their secret and then the projection mosaic could be made up of the videos of the lips. What would add a interesting factor to the piece would be, if that the on going viewers would have to lip read, as i would have no sound to the piece. Keeping the secrets still under-wrapped but still being displayed.

This lip idea is very rocky horror and also links with the saying “my lips are sealed”

some lips images, for inspiration:

I think that Lily Allen has a really interesting tattoo, that represents secret and interacts with the lips with out having to make a sound


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