Old Skool

I am really into my analogue art and photography at the moment, i found it much more exciting than anything digital. As it has a raw and much more real aspect.

Here are some projects using analogue technologies or items:

Ghost in the Machine is a series of musicians portraits that have been made out of recycled cassette tape. It was inspired by the description of how your spirit lives in your body.

This is so simple but very effected:

“Webcam technology is being connected with analogue Polaroids to create live pictures (cut out to create a 3D model) – an example of a digital solutions in analogue context.”


I found this really interest site. The idea is that people send in their secret written on a postcard, image or any related object. Bringing imagery and human emotion together.
The site link is: http://postsecret.blogspot.com/

Here are some of my favorite images sent in:


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