Idat 307: Movement Photography

Gosh I have been busy with the game module, but now that is out of the way I am going to move on with my 4D project, I have been thinking and I know I still want to do a photography piece, but it is just in what content and presentation.

I really fine movement photography really interesting and I found the ghostly like images to be really inspiring and are a good visual of time movement – that maybe show what a natural eye would not see.

Also I find night photography with lightpainting extreme interesting, its is just so crazy how it works and creates really and again experiments with time:


8 responses to “Idat 307: Movement Photography

  1. sharna travers-smith

    Dear Claudia,
    Looking for movemen ideas for an A-lvel photography project and loved the painting with light photos! How is it done? Any tips would be much appreciated.
    Best wishes,

  2. hi there my name is callum and im studying art photography and i would like to have some help from a expert because i will get extra marks for photography i just would like to know how to you capture all the light

  3. Hello my names Danny Schofield, i’m currently studying and exploring photography in year 10, Fort hill Community school. If its okay would you be able to share some idea’s into how you took these picture?

  4. Hi, i’m a year 10 student studying photography. I really love your picture of the dancers, how did you create that effect?

  5. Hey, Im Kate and i am a photography student, i would like some help from you because i really like your work on movement in photography. i would like to know how i can produce pictures as well as you do. THANKYOU

  6. Hello, my name is Paige and I’m a year 10 photography student and I would like some help and how you get the images the way you do, I love your work of movement in photography and would like to produce pictures like you, thank you.

  7. Hi, Im a year 10 student studying photography. I really like your photos done dark outside and with the lights. How do you get these effects?

  8. Hi, my names daisy, im a year 10 student and am currently doing a GCSE photography course i really like the photograph of the ballerinas overlapping and would really appriciate it if you could tell me how you did this?

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