Prid302: Making things more visible

Following on from my last post I think it will be better to place the videos and snap shots of the of the work that has inspired me, so it is easy for everybody to see:

Portrait Machine
The idea of the project is that people take their photo and that is gets displayed on a screen with two screens next to it, that generate connections between the photo that has just been take and the photos of the other users before hand. This is an interesting project as it looks at how all the users of the project connect, kind of in a way portraying that one day we will all look the same:

Portrait Machine – Interactive Photography Installation (preview) from Theo Watson on Vimeo.

Touch Me
TouchMe is an interactive installation that allows its users to create and contribute a personal image to the otherwise impersonal public space. Images that are created by interacting with a plate of frosted glass, remain a part of the piece and are displayed when no interactions occur for a given time.

A video of it in action:

TouchMe – China 2008 from Blendid on Vimeo.

Both of these project are my two favorite (from the ones listed before), and I will delvelop my idea from these. I found it interesting that both projects are very playful and people want to play with them, however the player forgets that they are display their own person image for all to see and that it is being stored.

I am going to play around with open frameworks and start doing a similar piece as the Portrait Machine, to get familiar with the platform and to get creative with it 🙂


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