Idat307: Some more inspiration for project

Interactive Sunset been created in Processing. The idea is that you are controlling the sunset and taking over the time line. In a way is makes you feel like you are God:

I think this is interesting to feel like you are in control of time, so maybe I could do a similar piece like this myself, but instead of using a mouse to change things – it is interactive, via web cams or motion tracking.

The second project I have found is this interactive light art installation – Swarn by Blendid, that plays around with the movement and position of the people underneath it.

Swarm from Blendid on Vimeo.

I could maybe do a similar piece with lights that interacts with the Arch-os system


Actually just spoke to Mike and he likes both thing but asked me which one I preferred and i think me and him both think that the first piece is the best way to go.

He recommended me another video: Hand from Above

Hand from Above from Chris O'Shea on Vimeo.

Now I just need to experiment in time lapse sequences and take photographs of on location that changes through time and mix up the photos, by either slicing them, laying them on top of each other and changing the alpha or even working with the pixel.

The one and only Chris Speed completed a time lapse sequence piece where it studies a group of shops for 24hours and splits up the scene by adjusting the time for each shop.

Just before Mike left me we started to talk about the old QuickTimeVR pieces, we found this site:

and played with this movie:

As soon as he showed me this I mentioned how I have had an similar idea like this a while ago, you can found about it on earlier posts- where you take a still photo and zoom into and it becomes a 3 Dimension world that you can move around and explore, to make you feel like you are actually situated in the environment.

Mike told me to go see Pete Carss in the Dome as he done a very creative piece that uses a similar concept.

So I need to get researching and experiment and an end piece will develop from this.


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