Idat 307: New idea- Exploding Photograph

I have yet again had another idea for 4D, I have to put to Mike……

I am thinking of looking at taking a still photograph with a fish eye lens camera (so my piece can get placed in the Dome), that I will add an explosive/zoom effect on it that creates the idea of you suddenly being in the scene of where the picture has been taken.

I want the user to feel like they are diving into the picture and looking around the environment. This will play with time and space as it takes a still picture that has already been taken in the past, but the viewer will experience the picture as if they are in the scene at the present.

This idea reminds me of the scene in Minority Report, when they drive in deeper to a video feed, to find evidence.

Again got to see Mike and see what he thinks, otherwise it back to idea one…….


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