Idat 307: With thanks to Vimeo

I found some cool film clips on of Time Markers Experiments.   They are clips  of two different areas at the same time and then they have intertwine them together, which as qouted creates a “dynamic visual parade and ambiguous narrative”

I really like these films and it is getting me thinking even more!

Time Markers Experiments: a pastry shop and a rainy street from bruce mckaig on Vimeo.

Time Markers Experiments: a pub door and a ski lift from bruce mckaig on Vimeo.


One response to “Idat 307: With thanks to Vimeo

  1. Claudia,

    Thank you for posting my videos on your blog. There are more on my website: Also, the next exhibitions with some of my time based works are at the National Portrait Gallery in DC where I live, and at Gallery Project in Ann Arbor. I am currently researching on time based works for a book and a screening to be help next year. I would appreciate hearing from any and all artists working with time based projects.

    Bruce McKaig

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