Idat 307: Told Mike

Today I just told Mike, my starting ideas.  He seemed to like it.  I told him how I would like to do a simular project like I completed for Idat204 but this time with film.  We both said how it would be cool if I could link it with GPS so the user can look on say their Iphone and see the path they are walking in the past( a few weeks ago) from the day they are walking down it.

Also I was thinking it would be interesting to think how to link two places at once, for instance if somebody is standing outside a building, they can link up their GPS and actually view the inside of the building and its activities on their phone, kinda like a spy ;).

Both of these ideas link to the film Deja VU.  As on the film there is a machine (soon to be found out to be a time machine) that is filming the past of 4 days ago that can be interactive with by people in the present.  There is even a scene where they use GPS, to track the video, so they can follow a car that was driving on a road 4 days ago.  I have located the scene, however it has been dubbed over in German I believe, but not 100% :S


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