Idat 307: Beginning ideas/interests for project

I have been having a think over the weekend what my interests are and how I can link them with my 4D project.  I came up with “narrative”.  It has always interested me how you can play with narrative and even make it interactive.  In a previous year for Idat 204, I produce an interactive audio walk through Portland Sqaure, where two narrative were being played through head phones and the user listening to the audio decided which path they would like to follow, however there was a twist to the audio…..when the paths would meet in a certain place the audio would swoop between the left and right head phone to create an illusion of crossing paths and then again the user can decide which path they will follow next.  This piece was based around Janet Cardiff and her walk around London.

You can find my blog on this project here:

Well from this I have decided that I would like to look into narrative again for this project.  Mainly in dept on fractured narrative.  With narrative structure and interaction included as well!

Let my research in this area begin!!!  Also I have to prepare a proposal for my project by Thursday 15th October, so its pull my socks up time!!!


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