Idat 203 Production

Adam and Shemma recorded the poems today and i edited them together in Sony Vegas

I have asked Shemma and Adam to be my voices, as Adam has a really intense voice which would work well with the Patrolling Barnegat and Shemma has a natural comforting voice that I believe will work well with the Sonnet. I used my digital camera as a recording device and it has a good microphone and always records clear. To edit the piece together i used Sony Vegas, as I find this software easy to use and I am confident with my skills within this software.
I first created two audio track, one i made pan to the left and the other the right. Then I placed Adams audio in one and Shemmas in the other. I then went through both poems and found the key places for the audios to swop. Once I had moved everything about, i faded in and out the tracks where they swopped so it creates a smoother and stereo effect.
I went onto and I downloaded some sound effects, of rough sea, a flare gun and genral nature sounds, but i felt that when i placed them in the piece it made it even hard to understand the speech audio, and became impossible to follow. I decided to leave this out for now.
I tested it though my headphone placed in the computer and onces I was happy I renders the piece as a MP3 and named it Case Study Nature Swop


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