Idat 203: starting new ideas

So during the Easter Holidays I was having a think of what I could continue on with for this project. I had a number of ideas. One was doing a Sugar Waters audio effect of an everyday event. Which then changed into making it based on a college shooting, with the same idea of Elephant, with it being more about the reality of the scene than the narrative. But then I started to think how would the user know the audios have swopped and if one audio was being played backwards how would they understand it, and know what was going on.
I then started to think of just doing a bigger scaled version of what I completed for Idat 204, but I did not want to do a narrative tour again, and as I do not know any actors/actresses and I am not a writer I could not create a story of different views of an event, that would be intense and worth while.
Next idea that came into my head was using Mscape, with is software which works with flash and GPS. I was thinking of creating a sound piece that follows the route you are taking by detecting where you are with the GPS on your phone. But the same reasons as before, I did not want to do just an audio tour and a story i write would not be very interesting.


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