Idat 203: First presentation

Right well its been awhile since I wrote abotu this module.  Well where to beginning. I have been really stuch for ideas to take forward for this and my presentation is tomorrow big fat ARRRRRRRGH!!!

i have been to all the presentation so far,  and most of the comments given were scrap that and start again.  So I am liek right this is goign to be intereesting.  I am going to look into intereactive narrative, and think about doing a simular piece to Idat 204 audio.  But this time maybe create a intereactive movie.

I have made my presentation, where I include references, of movies, novels, and songs that use narrative in a different light.  I have also looked into BBC signs for life

and BBC Wannabes

.  I am pleased with my presentation and I am feel confident about giving it, as I think I have a strong idea to take on and I have a good amount of references. Let you know how it goes tomorrow….

here is my presentation



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