Idat 202: filming a trick

Today Vicky, Aqeel and myself had to film one of us teaching the rest of the group a new thing.  I suggested that I teach them a new card trick.  so we bought a pack of cards and filmed it on my phone.  Aqeel filmed me teaching Vicky the trick, I first done the trick on Vicky so she knew what it was about.  Then I done the card trick again but this time I went through it slowly and explained every stage of the trick.  I would make sure Vicky understood the stage I was showing before I moved onto the next one.  Once I had completed teaching Vicky the trick.  I told over filming whilst Vicky done the trick she just learnt on Aqeel.  She remembered it pretty well, she did look for my help at one point but this was to only check that what she was doing was correct.

After Vicky completed the trick Aqeel completed the trick on me, as even though he was an “outsider” and I was not specking directly to him he was still there to learn it by listen to me talking through it.

We are going to show our video to the rest of the group and Katina in our session on Friday.


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