Idat 202: Brief

Module Description

This module is an introduction to theories of learning and range of pedagogical approaches in formal and informal education. This module explores the potential and use of interactive multimedia and networked technologies for learning. Through an investigation of e-learning products and environments, explore the collaborative, remote and individual learning with interactive and networked technologies. Develop a critical awareness and practical application of learning theories and styles in interaction and interface design.

Coursework: 100% of module assessment (marks out of 100% below):

[Project] (100% Pair Work)
In pairs, you are required to investigate, design and produce an interactive multimedia product which is informed by some aspects of the theories of human learning and following the design methods which are taught on this module.
We will be looking for designs which go beyond what is possible with conventional media and which have incorporated the lessons of the psychology of learning.

[Assignment] (deliverables & deadlines)
The coursework for this module is broken down into 6 components:

1. Proposal (5%)
One page outline of some learning activity of your own choice which gives scope for an imaginative product taking full advantage of the capabilities of MM.
You will be expected to make a short presentation of your choice.
[Deadline: Thursday 31st Jan 2008. email:]

2. Design Presentation (10%)
10 minute in class group presentation
[Deadline: Friday 29th Feb 2008.]

3. Design Workbook (15%)
Learning needs analysis
Outline design, including storyboard, drawings, photographs, notes, prototypes
Learning structure
Assessment methods
[Deadline: Wednesday 12th March 2008 @ 1pm. Faculty Office.]
4. Product (35%)
Please ensure that the product runs reliably – If it won’t run then you can only score nil points.
[Deadline: Monday 7th April 2008 @ 1pm. Faculty Office.]
5. Product presentation (10%)
10 minute in class group presentation
[Deadline: Friday 11th April 2008]

6. Individual Essay (25%)
1000 word explanation of how your design reflects the theories of human learning taught on this module.


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