Idat 203: Which one to go for????

I have just spoke to Joasia, and she has said that all my ideas are good and I just have to decide which ones to go with. She said how she felt the the hacking art idea would be easiest to write about, then the relationship between music and technology, and the photography idea would be the hardest to write about. I agree with Joasia, i was thinking last night that it would be hard to write four thousand words on the idea i had.

I have simple got to decide which one to go for, but da da da daaaaaaaaaaaa Hacking Art. As I feel that this is the coolest artwork I have seen in along while and I find it very interesting. Joasia Said that this is a good idea and that in my eassy I will have to look at the history of hacking, because at first it was for an act of good, but then it has been turned into a negative subject as it is classed with all the computer viruses that are out there.

Now-a-days though it is coming into the art scene and programing scene as a very useful and handy tool to use to art modern, exciting work.

Cory Arcangel, has an exhibition in Exeter between 15th December till the 23rd February, which I am going to try my very best to visit!!!

Now the research can begin!!!


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