Idat 201: Crash and Burn

Today was editing day, but the computer I was working on just didn’t want to work. My boyfriend and I just did not have a clue why the computer kept on crashing an switching on and on, guess it is just my luck. After reinstalling windows a number of times, I got on with the editing process saving all the time encase the computer random turned itself off. Editing did not take too long, as i really enjoy editing film clips and have been doing it for many years now, and I believe I have quiet good skills with editing, but Sony Vagas is also so easy to use and very advanced.

But there is always a problem waiting around the corner and this time is was about my audio. I decided to go with a song by Biffy Clio, calle Dust till dawn, as it has the sadness feel in the song and you can image it being in a film when somebody is walking away form somewhere and walking into a new life. But for some reason the computer I was on didn’t like the audio and would not play it, so i was like ok, I will render the movie and move onto my Imac and edit the song in iMovie. I thought iMovie could open all sort of formats but it turns out not. I first render my film clip as a MPEG and iMovie did not like this, so I have to go back on the PC and render it again as a AVI, this took a while to render but as soon as it was done I run it in iMovie and all was fine. I added the music, lucky i did not have to edit the music t all, as iMovie done this all for me, also it was very easy to render it as a quicktime movie in iMovie, don’t you just love mac!

I render my film, but didn’t realise I had render it in wide-screen so it cut of part of the cone, so i render it again in standard screen and all was well. I handed both wide and standard screen films, but i personally prefer the standard screen as you can see all the cone as it meant to be.

The film is, how best to describe, sweet I would say, its just a simple film about a lost lonely cone who wants to find other traffic cones to hang around with, If I had more time I would improve the green screen so it would be on a moving background, and I even had the idea of the traffic cone looking in a television shop window, watching one of the screen, showing a drunk person mucking about with a traffic cone, just to add a more feeling to feel sorry for the cone.

Here is my Final 3D film slip


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