Idat 201: Still is the way forward

Right I have been getting too stressed over this so the plan is to just use still images that the cone walks over, I know it will look really cheep and raw, but it adds to the whole comical side to the film, I wish I did have more time to improve the green screen but it is just coming too much of a headache. The picture I have chosen are:


This is a picture I will use to create the sence of the cone walking over a hill top


This picture will create the sence of the cone walking through a snow


I am going to use this picture for when the cone stops and fines out that there is road works up ahead.


Finally this is a picture i will use when the cone has found other cones and they are all gathered together.

Also today I made a material layout in fireworks which I placed on my traffic cone so it looks more realistic, I am actually really happy with how the cone is looking. Even thought it is a simple shape I still think it looks good.


This is the material I created in Fireworks


and this is the new cone with material.


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