Idat 204: The Presentation

Today was the day where Chris and I sat and I presented him my organism project. As the was so many muck ups I really concentrated on putting forward my ideas and what inspired me in my presentation.

I think the presentation went quiets well, i really tried to go through my ideas and how the virus and how you never know how its going to spread inspired me.

Chris thought the sea-monkey we a nice visual piece and he love when they mated and produce babies. We both agreed that when the eggs linked together they looked like the virus pictures I included in my presentation.

I also mentioned in my presentation what I would do it I had more time. With the sea-monkeys I a going to work out how to give them a life span and include a drop and drag method of feeding.

I am going to email Mark again and try and meet up with him again as I myself want to know how to tackle trying to play random songs form an array.

Here is a link to my presentation to Chris.


And a Link to the flash piece at the present moment.


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